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Dragon Ball Super lives on with Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The twentieth Dragon Ball film hits theate...

3 months ago 11854936 views


If the Skyrim theme already gave you chills, wait until you hear this live cover of the music from t...

7 years ago 16464000 views


The opening animated intro for Tales of Berseria. Tales of Berseria Review

2 years ago 1887299 views


A youthful All Might takes on villains in America in this My Hero Academia: Two Heroes movie clip. M...

22 days ago 2116769 views


We've got first person gameplay, lots of robberies and some really dirty jeans. Red Dead Redemption ...

16 days ago 1465226 views


The newest trailer of Dragon Ball Super: Broly revisits the destruction of Planet Vegeta. The 20th D...

12 days ago 1998806 views


Six games, almost an entire Pantheon of Greek Gods brutally murdered, and lots of screaming. Here is...

7 months ago 2939627 views


Corin Hardy's upcoming film The Nun is the 5th entry in producer James Wan's connected horror world,...

2 months ago 3659511 views


Need a refresher before Fallout 4? This is everything you need to know about the story of Fallout. W...

3 years ago 2222488 views


Get a recap of Aqua's story, set to a remix of "Simple and Clean," in the newest Kingdom Hearts open...

2 years ago 3028056 views

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