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CHECK OUT our T-Shirts and merch: How many suits did Darth Vader have? Wa...

2 years ago 658762 views


Following the success of my top 10 xenomorphs video, we now bring you, top 10 predator facts… Chec...

1 year ago 814590 views


Yoda has trained many Jedi in his 900 years...but who trained him? Check out the STORE: http://www.v...

1 year ago 2111843 views


Ah yes the mysterious question: do Xenomorphs eat? And by Xenomorph I mean XX121... Check out the ST...

1 year ago 140764 views


CHECK OUT our T-Shirts and merch: Darth Vader is undoubtedly one of the m...

2 years ago 389756 views


In this video we will explore the biology of the Xenomorph XX121, get prepared to be grossed out... ...

12 months ago 128159 views


So enough of the xenomorphs for a while, in this video we will explore the TOP 10 MONSTERS FROM GREE...

1 year ago 1845379 views


In this video we will explore the anatomy of the Predator... Come and visit Xenomorph Prime, the ult...

6 months ago 111051 views


Check out the STORE: So in the video we are going to explore the relation...

2 years ago 158568 views


In this video we will explore 10 rare and exotic Xenomorph types from the Alien franchise... BUY T-S...

8 months ago 863974 views

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