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Is Pakistan's mockery of Chandrayaan-2 a reflection of childish mindset? Tahir Gora'@TAGTV #Chandray...

2 months ago 672548 views


Commentary on Modi and Khan's Speeches in UN - Brain Burst with Dr. Sharda and Tahir Gora #Modi #Ind...

2 months ago 584298 views


Why Malala can't see Hindu, Sikh & Christian girls's issues in Pakistan? Gotaki Temple Attack - Tahi...

2 months ago 465123 views


What are the options for Pakistan to counter Indian government steps on Kashmir.? Brain Burst with D...

3 months ago 505483 views


Pak PM plays Islamophobia card for Kashmir, U.S. shows concerns - Tahir Gora's commentary @TAGTV #Ta...

2 months ago 221516 views


End of Kashmir issue after turning it as Union Territories - Tahir Gora & Dr Sharda @TAGTV....

18 days ago 157565 views


Discussion on RSS misconceptions - Dr Ratan Sharda chats with Tahir Gora @TAGTC #TahirGora #RSS #Rat...

1 month ago 158537 views


Could Pak Kashmir Agenda be supported by Muslim Ummah and Jihad - Tahir Gora & Anis Farooqui @TAGTV ...

2 months ago 83184 views


Imran Khan is not behaving like Prime Minister, India - Brain Burst with Dr. Sharda and Tahir Gora....

2 months ago 261210 views


Why Muslim card in Kashmir? Why Malala on Kashmir not on Hindu Girls' plight in Pakistan-Tahir Gora@...

3 months ago 127060 views

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