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Ever been short some money at the cash register? Today I sent my kids to get ice cream with a very l...

4 years ago 13579908 views


We were out filming a YouTube comment trolling video using comments of fans and I ran into this real...

4 years ago 3798750 views


Recently seen as This Hero Will Make You Smile" by Soflo on Facebook here is the full homeless video...

5 years ago 7970651 views


I dressed down and asked strangers for spare change. Most ignored me but the ones who did I returned...

6 years ago 3940322 views


In this emotional social experiment, I wanted to see if homeless people would be willing to give & b...

5 years ago 3268406 views


My 10 & 11 year old boys love to drive and film people's reactions. The legal driving age here is 16...

6 years ago 923405 views


Felt a little generous today so I decided to give away some brand new iPads, no wait, I mean EYE pad...

5 years ago 195667 views


How will people react when my kids and I eat out the trash cans? What happens is completely unexpect...

4 years ago 1280796 views


Extended Version & Bonus Footage: "Buying Embarrassing T...

5 years ago 312524 views


Most people don't work on Thanksgiving and if they do they certainly could use a bit of magic! New v...

4 years ago 1104790 views

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