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Gavin Mehl's review of a potent little red book with the secret of how to get what you want. This bo...

2 years ago 13735 views


Maryia's Question about the apple cider much of that do you take (1 tsp, 1 tbsp?) when...

2 years ago 34055 views


Why doctor cannot fix diabetes type 2. Mike's story of high blood pressure and how he can overcome i...

2 years ago 10186 views


Hydrogen water for anti-aging with 35 % food grade hydrogen peroxide H202. Have you ever known anyon...

8 months ago 82375 views


Fat loss is caused by a calorie deficit, period. In this video talk about stratagies to stay in the ...

2 years ago 6365 views


People often ask me if there is one thing that they can do to get lean. I answer that the Timing of ...

9 months ago 10223 views


Mike had 519 blood sugar on December 13th. After following my tips on intermittent fast his blood su...

2 years ago 13922 views


Removing gallstones may help with baldness and eliminate grey hair. Cleaning out my liver for the 18...

5 months ago 9462 views


Congestion in the body causes the lymph system to store water and fat. Once the organs are cleansed ...

2 years ago 9651 views


My day 2 experience of taking the Oxygen Therapy food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. From the Book the One...

10 months ago 2950 views

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