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Gavin Mehl's review of a potent little red book with the secret of how to get what you want. This bo...

3 years ago 16381 views


Maryia's Question about the apple cider much of that do you take (1 tsp, 1 tbsp?) when...

3 years ago 34381 views


Why doctor cannot fix diabetes type 2. Mike's story of high blood pressure and how he can overcome i...

2 years ago 10768 views


Fat loss is caused by a calorie deficit, period. In this video talk about stratagies to stay in the ...

3 years ago 6636 views


Hydrogen water for anti-aging with 35 % food grade hydrogen peroxide H202. Have you ever known anyon...

11 months ago 100869 views


People often ask me if there is one thing that they can do to get lean. I answer that the Timing of ...

12 months ago 10841 views


Mike had 519 blood sugar on December 13th. After following my tips on intermittent fast his blood su...

2 years ago 15496 views


Congestion in the body causes the lymph system to store water and fat. Once the organs are cleansed ...

2 years ago 9774 views


Removing gallstones may help with baldness and eliminate grey hair. Cleaning out my liver for the 18...

8 months ago 10623 views


How to lose fat with Intermittent Fasting....

3 years ago 2215 views

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