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When Chris is finally free from the sunken place, he makes sure the Armitage family will not be able...

1 year ago 1728927 views


The alternate ending to the Oscar-nominated film Get Out with director Jordan Peele's commentary. No...

1 year ago 228084 views


The alternate ending to the Oscar-nominated film Get Out. Now that Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his gi...

1 year ago 4115864 views


Evelyn (Rachel Weisz) remembers her past as the Pharaoh's daughter Nefertiri, and her duel against w...

1 year ago 3955176 views


When a police car arrive just as Chris is strangling Rose he expects the worst to happen... Welcome ...

1 year ago 1193527 views


After the incident that almost killed him, Will confronts the man who inflicted the damage to help s...

9 months ago 160350 views


Vlad's newly converted Vampire Army enter the fray with new found power and a lust for the blood of ...

1 year ago 804492 views


All deleted and alternate scenes from Oscar-nominated Get Out. Now that Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and h...

1 year ago 812226 views


After years of seperation, Mason Verger and Dr. Lecter reunite for one final meal. From #Hannibal (2...

5 months ago 709735 views


Partners in crime but not in the daily life, Tiffany and Chucky have a fight over who should wash th...

1 year ago 5880219 views

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