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One of the inventors of the modern lithium-ion battery, John Goodenough, and a team of researchers c...

9 months ago 1249628 views


Scientists have been looking for antimatter since the early 1920's. Is antimatter real? Did Scientis...

2 years ago 454126 views


Do you have a hard time waking up? You're not alone! Sleep Playlist:

3 years ago 1098567 views


It's time for an update on graphene, that super material of the future! Scientists have come up with...

12 months ago 1315572 views


The light from KIC 8462852 faded again, and scientists have some new theories about what's behind as...

6 months ago 970722 views


Scientists at CERN are using the Large Hadron Collider to create and study antimatter, but how are t...

10 months ago 1594653 views


Dimensions are complicated, and wrapping your mind around how many there are can give you a headache...

3 years ago 1312113 views


Many batteries we use today don't hold up to minor damage or weather change but scientist believe th...

2 years ago 232360 views


The Large Hadron Collider is a 27 kilometer atom smasher! How does it work and what can it tell us a...

1 year ago 407599 views


Everyone knows exercise is good for your health, but new studies show it does more than flatten thos...

5 years ago 340280 views

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